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Looking to have webpage information, that is continually updated, downloaded automatically to your PC? One of the options, which we provide below, is to obtain a website supplied RSS Feed URL (domain/page address), and enter it into a Feed Reader (or RSS Feed Reader).

To obtain an RSS Feed url, an RSS icon or link will be provided on the website, which takes you to the RSS Feed page, or to an interim selection page where multiple RSS Feeds may be provided. Generally the actual RSS Feed page will contain un-formatted content. Copy the url (page address) of this page and enter it into your Feed Reader to download all existing feed items for that feed. Once existing feeds are downloaded, any new items entered into this website feed will automatically download to your Feed Reader.

Feed Reader applications (both free and provided at a small cost), can be downloaded from various websites. The one I am using (Feed Reader 3.14), is available at: Feed Reader as a free download. This feed reader, once downloaded, is installed onto your PC. Once installed, an active icon appears on your task bar, showing grey for no new items or yellow if new items have been downloaded. Once you have new items, or just want to use the application, just double click on this icon, and the application shown below will display.

Each Feed Reader contains options for read and unread items, whether to display feeds and unread items, among other options and edits. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions on our feeds, please feel free to contact the Webmaster .

Our Website Feeds, Below....

- All Available Properties

- Lakefront Home Properties

- Lakefront Land Properties

- Lake View Home Properties

- Lake View Land Properties

- Lake Access Home Properties

- Lake Access Land Properties

- Country Home Properties

- Country Land Properties

- In Town Home Properties

- Commercial Properties

- Kate's Blog Feed

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