Lake Anna Area Maps

Overall Map of Lake Anna
and Other Local Lakes

This map shows the lakes where RE/MAX provides properties for sale. An overall lake map is displayed for each smaller lake showing the basic road systems in place. Lake Anna maps are also displayed below, but separated into 5 separate sections including Pamunkey Creek, The North Anna River (Upper Lake), the Central Lake Area (including the State Park), the Lower Lake (North Shore) and lastly the Lower Lake (South Shore). On the Lake Anna maps, numerical locations are shown for each community, relating to the number and community name shown below each map.

Lake Louisa
Blue Ridge Shores Gated Community

Lake Louisa is a 1.5 mile long lake, located 6 miles to the north of the town of Louisa and 6 miles west of Lake Anna, Virginia.

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods is a 2+ mile long lake, located approximated 18 miles north of Lake Anna, Virginia. The lake is located at the intersection of Route 3, 10 miles west of Fredericksburg and 20 miles east of Culpeper and Route 20 approximately 20 miles east of Orange, Virginia.

Lake Land’or

Lake Land’or is a .8 mile long lake located in Caroline County. It is located 10 miles east of Lake Anna, Virginia and 2 miles west of I-95. From I-95, take Exit # 110/Ladysmith Road West.

Lake Wilderness

Lake Wilderness is a 2 mile long, horseshoe shaped lake split into 3 sections. The lake is just south of Lake of the Woods in Orange county, south of route 20.